Staro Riga 2014

Hello, on saturday I went to visit the festival of light “Staro Riga 2014“, which is held for 5 years in a row. Every year the festival gains momentum, giving the public new light show attractions. And every year, this festival brings together more and more people.

Then a little insight, constant projection on buildings seems like a classic. But there are nuances that are really orginal, such as brain projection, when a person reads or listens to the reader. But with a little minus sign to emphasize the power of its building projections, which are reflected in the dark buildings, such as RTU and “ASTOR Hotel & Conference RIGA” facade. On the projection is sometimes incomprehensible, and even it is difficult to keep track of the ongoing scene. Overall, I would like to express that it is worth to go and watch the main festival light objects. Also the light march is emitting bright emotions.