Trip to Saaremaa

In the February we were on small trip to largest island in Estonia – Saaremaa.

First day was very foggy and rainy, trip was started with mysterious ferry trip to island. At the evening we walk around Kuressaare center, the center was very calm. Actually, we felt as we were far away from daily rush and heavy congestions. The second day started much better, weather was cloudy and with big wind. So we went to lighthouse of Sääre and did walk in Kiipsaare surroundings. The nature is quite rough and rocky. Also we were to Panga cliff, it was amazing view, were to walk and feel the wind and noise of restless sea.
Overall this island is great place where to rest of daily rush, get energy of nature, see lot of great places. If you are one of people who don`t prepare lot of tourists, the winter period is the best and also accommodation prices are much cheaper than summer period. We can mention, our dog Lucky that was first ride with ferry and he did well, of course he was stressed, but it was just few minutes and then all was fine. Also we advise to try the island`s traditional food in the reastaurant ‘Saaremaa Veski’ which is located in Kuressaare. The second advise – if you know the time when you will ride with ferry, than better is to buy ferry tickets in the internet, because some of rides could be full.

There are also some photos below.