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This photo gallery is a story of true friendship! “If you can dream it, you can do it.” /Walt Disney
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Rāmuļu elementary school reunion

Hello, on Saturday 6 June Rāmuļu elementary held a school reunion. The event performed the former graduates and folk dance groups “Vaive” and “Madara”. All pictures are aviable in Google plus album. Read more →



Good evening, this week I met Dzindars, with who earlier learned photography. Dzintars is an attractive bike rider in the spring was a great idea to realize directly with him – I wanted to try again to take long pictures in light conditions. The following gallery is a little insight from not really photo sessions, but rather moments capturing action.Read more →



Greetings to all. This article will give a little photo retrospective of the most beautiful time of each women – maternity. Big congratulations to Sanita with the birth of his son. September morning awakening struck by a thick fog, the ancient country house created a special atmosphere, so most of the pictures I chose to create as black and white photography. This photo session I had both a novelty and a challenge, looking forward to your assessment, Wishing you a nice evening, Reinis.Read more →



Description: Go on a small tour in Vidzeme search of interesting places. Caught a couple of shots for Paula fashion blog . The predominance of black and white pictures, this time came mood.
Place: Jērcēnu / Strenču forest
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Description: A small photo session along the coast, Salacgriva. The weather and the light was just in time.
Location: Salacgrīva
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Emīlijas christen

Cheerful and entertaining moments from Emīlijas baptism.Read more →


Brūniņu family

In Photo Session by Madara Skuja / May 16, 2013 / No Comments

Description: Brūniņu family surprise.
Place: Kocēni
In photoshoot: Iveta, Marta, Odrija, Rūdolfs, Kleo (horse).Read more →



In Photo Session by Madara Skuja / May 13, 2013 / No Comments

Description: It was used only natural light.
Location: Cesis, Ēgrļu rocks
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Sunday day running past, I decided to catch these funny husky. Much did not work out because the landlord went to home, then here are couple of pictures, which managed to catch speed. Read more →

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