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“Strong” indoor football Tournament

Good evening,
In arena “Elektrum” happend 9. “Strong” indoor football tournament which is divided into the business and the premier league. I would like to inform you that there are pictures only of business leagues.
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Subaru Winter Meet 2015

In Sport by Madara Skuja / March 18, 2015 / No Comments

Some time ago, in Sigulda’s area was held Subaru owners’ meeting, which was able to test the car on a closed track and have a good time. Since the winter this year in particular didn’t stay long, the event still managed to find a little snow, ice and mud!
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VVL final

In Sport by Madara Skuja / March 15, 2015 / No Comments

Hello! Summer goes to the end, coming on top of the gloomy autumn and on Tuesday ended Vidzeme Summer League (VVL) finals,where STK fought against Naukšēni who fought for the bronze medal, while VB-Olympic vs Diamonds fought against gold. The first game was intense, but most of the success was Naukšēni side, who won the bronze medal. But at the beginning of the big finale, began to rain, which made the game more interesting. But despite the wet pavement, Diamonds took fast lead, leaving no hope for VB-Olympic to fight for gold medals. Below, the best moments and more pictures in Google Plus album.Read more →


Red Bull Kart Fight in Madona

In Sport by Madara Skuja / March 15, 2015 / No Comments

Greetings, August 10 in Madona kart track was the second stage of Red Bull Kart Fight, where anyone can participate. The track is really exciting, I ride there one time. Below you can see the best moments of the event, but all the pictures on Google Plus album. I would add that the pictures are only up to a 10 qualifying race.Read more →


Powerboats in Aluksne

In Events, Sport by Madara Skuja / March 15, 2015 / No Comments

“Greetings, everyone! This time I went to unseen measure – powerboats competitions in Aluksne. The opening ceremony took place on Saturday at 10.00, I woke very early in the morning. Read more →


Strong Race

In Events, Sport by Madara Skuja / March 15, 2015 / No Comments

Hi everybody!
Despite the sun, wind, rain and even hail took place thr strong race in Cinevilla. As usual highlights from the measure are visible in the pictures below, but all the pictures are available in Google Plus in Part 1 (men’s and women’s race and team`s race) and Part 2 (only pictures from the team`s race).Read more →


SEB MTB Cēsis-Valmiera

Greetings for Everyone.
On Sunday, I caught some photo moments of SEB MTB 1. stage “Cēsis-Valmiera”, where the start was given in Cesis and the finish was in Valmiera`s centre. In the Google Plus album are more than 600 pictures of the start in Cesis and Gauja`s coast in Valmiera.Read more →


Superbowl Valmiera

In Sport by Madara Skuja / March 14, 2015 / No Comments

Greetings to all on this sunny day!
Yesterday, rainy and cold day, in Valmiera was “Monster Energy Superbowl Valmiera Great Reward”. The measure passed quite smoothly and below you can see existing pictures and the brightest moments of the race, but all the images available on Google Plus album.Read more →


SignālsEM Trophy

In Events, Sport by Madara Skuja / March 14, 2015 / No Comments

Greetings to all blog readers!
This time I decided to visit the Latvian Open Championship trophy raid first phase. Impressions about event – a positive atmosphere, weather – perfect. Although this was my first visit of its kind of event, it was interesting to get a new experience for both runs in the research and photography competitions. Then brightest moments seen below, while the rest of the pictures are available in the Google Plus album.Read more →


VVL fierce fighting continues

In Sport by Madara Skuja / July 26, 2013 / No Comments

This time it was much sharper game, the players were in the position to win at any cost, and this created a lot of intense and sharp moments and situations. Read more →

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