Hi there, Latvia`s summer is already half, but the summer’s warm weather is appeared only now. By this time I had gone in my 12. Euro Trip Part (forward in text ETP). I will try to introduce you with the agenda (times, air temperature, traveled distance in kilometers) and also places worth visiting and other trivial events that experienced during the journey. The listed time in the text is recorded by the Latvia`s time, but I should remind you that from Poland (also in Germany and France) the time is 1h an hour back.

This time the ETP route mostly is through the France interior (Midi-Pyrénées, Auvergne and Limousin regions), also included city names are in original language because some are really difficult to translate. I haven`t made a detailed route map, but if anyone has suggestions, where it can be easy to make, write it in comments section below (except Google maps and endomondo).
Also the trip video is online, created by my sister. It`s at the very end of the text.

Sunday, June 15.
7:10 +11`C
At the begining car`s mileage is 104 397. Arranging the car requires few minutes, because large part of things were loaded in the previous evening and there`s still have enough place. In the morning I checked out luggage again, to make sure everything is in place ( tent, sleeping bags, mattresses, clothes, gas stove with balloons, an axe and other necessary things.
This morning, I`m feeling sleepy because the previous 2 days I was taking photos in rally, so this time I’m relaxing from driving.
As the first trip is the Pink Floyd song – Another Brick In The Wall, all other travel songs you can find at the bottom of the article as well as a link to the youtube playlist.
10:15 +13`C
The Lithuania`s border is crossed , weather is cloudy and dry.
13:05 +13`C
Polish border, in Lithuania was raining, but in Poland was getting shiny.
21:00 +20`C
We were close to Poznań, where we stay in 2 star hotel ‘Hotel Polonia’ (near to city Wrzesnia), the Soviet period building, the interior has remained in a similar style. Throughout the hotel is Wi-Fi, the earliest breakfast time is offered at 8 am, which is rather late, but it is quite delicious.
Also today we made original counting record – 8 road police crew were on duty. I can also add that the trucks were relatively low, than they are in other days.


 Monday, June 15.
9:14 +12`C
It`s Monday morning, clear skies, the breakfast was worth to waiting. And we’re on our way.
11:25 +19`C
German border. As I`m at the steering wheel for the rest part of the ETP, in the morning and the during days moments were added slower, but in the evening I tried to remember all day`s summary and brightest moments.
21:00 +21`C
We are in the German`s camping which has 4 stars, after the notes I understood that I hadn`t correctly rewrote the name of the camping. The campsite has an acceptable price, which is 31 Eur (hereinafter referred to as the price is included the fee for 3 people, car, the tent place and dog). Today had to enjoy small traffic jams on the German autobahn. In the evening, I was walking through the campsite, where were mostly crowded with the Germans, who actively watching a football match. I add that this was the campsite, we found with only 4 or 5 trying time, because all the others campings were crowded.


Tuesday, June 17.
7:30 +12`C
I’ve just woke up, weather is clear.
9:30 +18`c
It takes a half hour, when we pack up and organize all things in calm spirit, it is the same time with set up.
13:30 +21`C
French border.
18:40 +28`C
We are at Clermont Ferrand, in the camping ‘Camping Indigo’ with 4 stars, which paid only 23EUR. Coming into campsite, in the radio station starts playing heavy piece of music, that immediately picks up my mood and I turned up the volume (3rd song).
TomTom had found the shortest path to the campsite along the city`s narrowest and steepest roads, which can barely leave one car, although it is a two-way street. A good test case where a steep hill, where I had to turn in a small junction, to the more narrower and steeper path, but there was car driving towards to us. And to resume the driving, I remembered the best old trick with the handbrake to resume driving.

First ETP`s photo.
Puy de Dome


Wednesday, June 18.
10:00 +10`C
The morning is quite cool, but we are ready to go.
16:35 +31`C
We arrived in the guest house, where we stay for one night, although some day later we will come back here to stay for a longer period. In the evening, we got to ride with the Citroen 2CV (from 1959 yaer) which was sufficiently well-preserved. Impressions and feelings had amazing, although the car wasn`t very fast and sometimes we thought the car would get out and push it. I enjoy the ride.

The strom clouds past over.


Thursday, June 19.
Last night, we planned the route whee to travel with the inspection object snaps, not just drive, drive, drive.
Moissac was the first city which we visited, we saw existing channel and the church, we wanted to enter in the famous cloister, but it was closed on the lunch time. I mention that the French people are strictly complying the lunch time, what could be for at least an hour and a half. The second city was Valence, where we visited the old market square and took a little walk around the old town streets. Next stop – Montpezat de Quercy, a beautiful old town, well preserved old town`s houses and also the church is built on beatiful place with a panoramic view. The last one was Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, although we saw only a small part of town, it made an impression that it is a city where you can go back and see more things.
At 12 was only 18 degrees, but at 17:00 in the car were even +43 ‘C.
Valence`s market place.
20:00 +30`C
We arrived at the 3 stars campsite ‘des Gorges de l’ Aveyron ‘, which is relatively inexpensive – 17EUR. After the sun disappearing behind the valley the temperature quickly drops to +22’ C and already it seems very cool. As long as the sunset, the sun shed light on the valley`s ridge.


Friday, June 20.
9:00 +10`C
12:00 +32`C
We wanted to catch Cordes sur Ciel in the clouds, but probably we missed it because the temperature rising and the sun quickly dissipate clouds. Before the departure of the campsite I caught one cloud, which managed to get stuck on the valley, but soon the cloud was gone.
The morning view from camping.
Cordes sur Ciel
City Cordes sur Ciel
14:00 +29`C
We walk through Najac, long city, which runs down the mountain`s ridge. It`s worth to visit this city, leave the car in one parking place and walk down the main street of the town, it`s worth to ascend castle`s towe, which has built in the 13 century. There you could see the city from the top and all surrounding.
That is worth to drive “Cahors – Saint Cirq Lapopie” (D662 road), the road leads along the banks of river Lot, along the way there are many small, antique and beautiful villages, then the road enters into cliff`s area until Saint Cirq Lapopie, which is built on the hill on the other side of the river Lot – it cann`t be overlooked.

Saint Cirq Lapopie:

Saturday, June 21.
9:00 +14`C
It`s increasingly difficult to wake up, but the sleep is great. In the morning, it`s concluded that the car`s license plate is a little damaged from somebodies car trailer`s hook.
13:00 +27`C
We visited the cave ‘Grottes Peches’, it`s one of the oldest caves, where were the first Europeans settled and sheltered from ice age. The cave is a peculiar, where still have preserved ancient drawings, feet prints and other interesting things. And the cave itself is different from others caves where I’ve been.
Further day`s route goes through different towns Cabrerets – Livernon – Assier – Lacapelle Marival – Saint Cete – Neuvic. All these towns have ancient atmosphere, which attaches from the old houses, the existence of stone`s pavement, palaces, churches. Going to Saint Cete, from a mountain road the city could easily to overview, because it is located in the valley, on the northern side on the mountain is old castle ruins, which also can be easily to see. Entering in the city centre, I was suprised, there was rally start`s ceremony. I don’t think long to stop here. I caught a few moments, but I can say that the atmosphere was different than it is in the Baltic countries.
Later some kilometers futher from Neuvic`s centre we found 3 stars camping at the lake, the beautiful place. Here stay for the night price is only 14EUR. People in camping aren`t much, but there are young people who made qouit loud party at the night.

The cave ‘Grottes Peches’.
Lacapelle Marival:
CastleRally cars pictures:
In the campsite:

Sunday, June 22.
10:00 +16`C
15:00 +35`C
We are returned to the Indigo campsite which is located at Clermont Ferrand.
In the morning we went to the castle ‘Le Chateau de Val’, the palace is situated on the banks of the river Dordogne which is damming. It is a lot of information and photos to learn how it looked before and during a period when began to build the dam. I expel that the dam is very impressive. Later we went to Super Basse – skiing resort, which also takes place in the summer of activity (mountain bicycle`s downhills tracks through different routes and even the rope from the mountain`s top to bottom where you can slip off). Although from the village the mountain don`t looks high, but from the mountain`s top, it`s brings me quite the opposite opinion. The view to a dead volcano range is fantastic, the view to the village is different because it is occurring in rainfall.
21:20 +18`C
We went to the Puy de Dome, where with train get up in copule of minutes The view to the dead volcanoes had ambitious. There could see the natural strength of 2 beautiful rainfalls. I thought about it for a long time that I would catch the rainfall. And finally I managed it, the view was where someone pour out water from the bucket. You can also view closer and further other dead volcanoes and mountain ranges. Going back toward the camping, we caught one of the rain clouds that brought a very heavy rain. Back at the campsite, the rain had stopped, but the tent and other stuff were wet.
I don’t know how I managed to forget to record the previous days distances.

Castle ‘Le Chateau de Val’.
Super Basse:
Puy de Dome:


Monday, June 23.
5:00 +18`C
It was raining in the night, before wake up, we slightly doubted for going to Puy Pariou mountain, to watch the sunrise. We managed to get over to morning laziness and sleep. Outside was in the dark, walking on the mountain path was in the dark with one flashlight. As we walked down the dark path, we had no idea where is right way. As the sky lightened, we approached the mountain, but somehow we managed to depart on another path that leads to the opposite mountain. Although we didn`t climb to right mountain, the view was incredible and we were directly to sunrise. The show was fantastic, to the sun`s side was begining to get lighter pink and could see a beautiful morning fog that wound through the mountains, but looking the other side oh hill, the view was much darker with the storm. This is one of those mornings, which I will certainly not forget and I suggest you also to overcome the morning laziness and get up before the sun to watch a fantastic show.
20:00 +18`c
After the early big show`s hours in the morning, we arrived at 8 am at the campsite, where slept until 11. Whole time was raining, and during the remaining day also was raining. Now the rest of the day, we went to the shopping after that we went to Ussel campsite, which paid only 9EUR. Although the man in reception was quite drunk, but he was clear in what he need to do. The campsite was no poor, only toilets were slightly bad.


Tuesday, June 24.
10:00 +15`c
13:00 +24`C
We visited small town – Hautefort, where has well preserved mediaeval castle.
18:00 +28`C
3 stars Riberac`s campsite (12EUR).
23:00 +22`C
Get closer the campsite,ping pong and table football. In the evening, one Frenchman challenged me to play one table football match, the game was intense and only luck was on my side, because I played it for the first time and managed to win 10: 9.


Wednesday, June 25.
10:00 +21`C
The morning began with a clear sky and in the sun is getting hotter.
13:00 +27`C
We went trought the Périgueux`s old town, where is a magnificent cathedral. There was a huge market, where had lots of snacks.
We were also in Beynac et Cazenac, which also captured in the photo after few kilometres, to remember that this is one of the cities where you can come and go through it.
Somewhere on the road.
16:00 +29`C
The 3 stars campsite “Le Pigeonnier” (30, 15EUR). In the campsite hadn`t many people, although camping`s layout and opportunities are comfortable. Only through the campsite territory runs squirrels and small mices.


Thursday, June 26.
10:50 +18`C
I couldn’t sleep at night because there were continuously mosquito attacks. Though the night was raining, the tent in the morning was dry.
12:00 +19`C
We visited ‘Les Jardins du manoir d’ Eyrignac ‘ gardens, it seems that this place is for good and fanatic garders because I couldn`t have subscribed to come back here and pay a large amount (adults – 12, 50EUR, but below the 18 – 8.00EUR). I understand that the beauty maintenance requires a great deal of money, but it is too much, at least for me.
14:25 +30`C
We are in Souliac (La Chapelle-Laurent) pilsētā, the air is swelter, shopping for lunch and dinner and go to the ‘Gouffre de Padirac’ caves.
17:30 +24`C
Visited the cave ‘Gouffre de Padirac’, I can say:”Well, what a hell, this is one of the largest holes on the Earth!”. It`s worth visiting this place, to enjoy the walk through the cave`s maze and also a beautiful day trip by boat along the river, which is located in the cave.



Friday, June 27.
9:00 +14`C
The morning started cool and sunny. In the yesterday`s evening appeared rain clouds, well that timely tent banding with film. It wasn`t for nothing, because in the night was heavy rain and in the morning all was totally wet. Yesterday also flew some army helicopters, their manoeuvres carried out very low.
12:00 +20`C
Within the hour we trought out the Rocamadour`s lower portion of the city, as well as visited the famous church.
16:00 +27`C
Return to the good camping near to Saint cirq Lapopie, what is located along the banks of the river Lot. There is a cruel swelter.
23:00 +22`C
I decided to swim in Lot, after an intense ping pong match with my sister. When I went into water, began little drizzle, the air began to cool, but the water was warm. Swimming in such circumstances was indescribable.


Pictures of the day.

Saturday, June 28.
11:00 +18`C
We have come back in guest house, where we will rest and enjoy travel for one week. Home owners are very hospitable and friendly. By early evening the storm swept in with a flurry wind, but that`s not problem because we don`t stay with tent.

Sunday, June 29.
9:10 +14`C
In the morning we visited Montcuq, this city has its own specific attachment style, where the city name is translated as ‘my ass’.
During the day, we helped to prepare for the forthcoming barbecue at the evening. I had to clean up the swimming pool, although from the start, it seemed that it would be an easy and fast work, but it wasn`t. Swimming in the pool, but after a time their there started to rain, water was being cooler. When the first people had started to arrive, it was interesting to watch them. When a large group of people had gathered, total of around 40, the barbecue party was getting hotter.

Guest house and barbecue.

Monday, June 30.
11:00 +28`C
We walked through Agen`s old streets, where we came across a beautiful home accessories shop.
16:00 +26`C
Drived trough Mountbaun city`s centre, city is large enough, including the old town is well preserved, but isn`t enough fun to see it. Of course, a river is running through the city centre and there is the fortress on the shores of the river.
In the evening I also note that, once again, I’ve been distracted and not taken noteS of the previous days distances.

Picture of the day.



Wednesday, June 2.
11:15 +18`C
12:00 +20`C
The half hour stroll through the old town Lauzerte beautiful center, located in the city hill end in this region are not uncommon.
Safty first
13:00 +26`C
Had time for a little city Lafrançaise market, we concluded that to the market goes the same people.
14:00 +28`C
Small village – Moliers, actually there are nothing to look at, so we went back to the guest house.
In the evening we ate fried zucchini and for desert pancakes.


Thursday, June 3.
9:30 +16`C
Evening appointment of the day: In the morning, went to one of the largest markets in the area, which is being held in Fumel. The city itself is very industrial and very unsightly, but the market was able to buy quite everything from vegetables and fruit, and even a bed mattress.
Then went to Monflanquin, which was also the market, but the atmosphere was much better. Old Town Market area was in the middle, there was live music – violins, cellos … Ruled a pleasant atmosphere.
Villeneuve-sur-Lot is similar to Fumel, but slightly larger and with more beautiful city center. Managed to taste the first watermelon this year.



Friday, June 4.
As the day began with rain, we decided to go to Toulouse shops at noon. Day to thoroughly rained, but on the way home sun started shining and a beautiful rainbow appeared.


Saturday, June 5.
11:00 +20`C
We start driving home.
19:00 +27`C
We drive into the city Dole, where is a 3-star camping. The road to the camping passes through the city. While running through the center, came the desire to walk in to city, because was tiredness from driving.
At first, the road led through mountainous area, where, of course, was stucked rain clouds that sometimes brought heavy rain and they caused very poor visibility with mist. Then the temperature was around +14 `C, but upon entering the valley, also appeared clear sky where the sun warmed up the air to +26 C.`
Along the way, we wanted to stop at the supermarket E.Leclerc who was in Moulins city. Coming over the bridge in the city center, on the ocean side, a good impression left two beautiful churches.


Sunday, June 6.
7:30 +15`C
We are awake, I am determined to drive specific route, where the destination is the journey of the first the days stop – Polonia hotel. Morning begins with the morning dew.
9:00 +19`C
We ate and ready to go.
10:45 +25`C
Cross the French – German border.
19:40 +28`C
German – Polish border.
21:45 +24`C
With multiple stops have successfully reached set destination. Although there was a heat of the day, up to +34 `C, at the last kilometers came rain and later appeared at the beautiful sunset. Driving on the German autobahn and was relatively calm.


Monday, June 7.
8:00 +19`C
This time we didn’t ate breakfast, because we could star last stage of road home in time.
15:00 +28`c
Polish – Lithuanian border.
18:00 +29`C
Crossing the Latvian border.
20:45 +24`C
We arrive home. Day went pretty quietly, surprising was that the truck on road wasn’t much. Only on road near Kaunas almost incident took place where a lorry driver established a sufficiently dangerous situation on the highway, thankfully everything ended well.


I want to say that – in the trip were so beautiful moments that even with the camera couldn`t capture. Yes, you can say that the ETP has succeeded. Different places, cities were visited and the weather was extremely variable, even on the volcano was still snow, where I didn`t get. I believe that Midi-Pyrénées region has much to see, as well as in other regions, maybe some places are somewhat similar, but they will be different, however theiy will attract tourists. You can also use our`s routes or any place which you could add your journeys. I would also like to add, that end of the trip was planned in French lavender, but it wasn’t really time, I feel that, without that end part the trip has given me so many new and unprecedented emotion – fantastic.

I should mention that the song list with different style of music, ranging from slow French plot to even the metal. The playlist is drawn up based on what we have heard on the radio during the journey.

1.Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall
2.Elektryczne Gitary – Dzieci wybiegły
3.TrollfesT – Toxic (Britney Spears cover)
4.SUNSET – Krystal
5.Spiderbait – Black Betty
6.Florent Pagny – Le Soldat
7.Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot – Comic Strip
8.Charles Aznavour – Mes Emmerdes
9.Indila – S.O.S
10.DJ Snake & Lil Jon – Turn Down For What
11.Black M – Sur ma route
12.Marin Monster – Pour Commencer ft. Maître Gims
13.Jason Derulo – “Wiggle” feat. Snoop Dogg
14.Stromae – Tous Les Mêmes
15.Renan Luce – Les voisines
16.Cris Cab – Liar Liar
17.Kyo – Le Graal
18.Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake – Love Never Felt So Good
19.Mr Probz – Waves

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