This travel story is a little different from the last stories. Trip start date came very quickly, because this was the last year of Vidzemes Augstskola University of applied sciences, I had to do was very much on bachelor thesis – mobile applications, which intend to further develop and publish later. Preparations for the trip was not ordinary, because I live with my girlfriend in Riga, while hometown Valmiera, mom and sister is planning to move to live in France. All these factors were important, senses as bellows on all sides.

June 28, Sunday. There is still a great pleasure for yesterday obtained a diploma, more than joy and relaxation was preparing for the arrival today – thinking, planning, carrying. Shortly beforehand was purchased in Poland produced a trailer in which to load most important and most necessary things so mom and sister could start life in France. Of course, the car and trailer space for everything did not work out, but, once again, demonstrated the art of loading, during which the small trailer could transship with innumerable belongings. The day flew very quickly. Late evening alighting from the trailer, I could understand that, is done almost the impossible. Going back to the apartment, it was so empty that the smallest noise could be heard in every corner of the apartment.

June 29,Monday was the first day of journey.
9:50 Empty apartment door is locked. As a final step over the threshold, each took a wide range of thoughts and experienced within these walls. However, despite the fact it was a new step towards the new and unknown.
10:20 Troubles present before the addition the trailer to the car, it was difficult to lower the trailer scaffolding. The trailer was so heavy that had to unpack the car and pulled out loaded and take domkrat to lift the trailer. Inviting trailers scaffolding was an obvious fact that the trailer is laden. Since driving with a trailer in my car driving experience it was the first tour started very responsibly and great caution.
11:00 (+ 20`C) Departure from Valmiera.
15:40 (+ 24`C) Achieved Lithuanian border. Sunny day with cumulus clouds.
20:00 (+18`C) Polish border.
21:00 Reached Abora hotel to Augustow. All day long, I felt a great tension and anxiety. The evening also checked the trailer tires, they were very hot and overheated tires gum smeared against the rim.
Daily mileage: 513km

June 30.
8:15 (+ 18`C) We start early in order to be as far as possible.
21:30 (+ 21`PC) German border.
22:50 With great difficulty to find a place for overnight stay at Niewisch. Although the campsite was closed, we found a place at the lake next to the campsite and in darkness set up tent.
Daily mileage: 760km

July 1.
7:30 (+14`C) Night matches played in a tent, good sleep, but in the evening the tent columns attacked bloodthirsty mosquitoes.
8:50 (+16`C) Finally prepared and we go on the way.
20:30 (+28`C) Germany, it is unimaginable heat of the day warms up to 30 degrees. Driving along the 3 lane highway to 70km / h, it seems that, standing on the ground, because in many places on the highway there is no speed limit. We also pause every 50-100km to cool heated trailer tires. Found in a four-star camping “Hunfeld”. Gasoline pays 1,58EUR per liter.
Daily mileage: 462km

July 2.
7:30 (+17`C) The sun is already at the top, this time, no mosquitoes.
8:30 (+26`C) Depart as early as possible to the morning coolness could be further to go past without pausing.
19:00 (+34`C) Found camping “Tunisee”, to a small lake. To be able to swim in it, have to pay 2 EUR. This was a hot day, the pause was very much, had not only cooled overheated tires, but also the machine motor.
Daily mileage: 385km

July 3.
6:00 (+21`C) Woke up already at 5:00 to go way over-temperature asphalt, but driving up the highway, dawn was already felt in sutton.
6:30 The border with France.
19:00 (+36`C ) Found camping at the lake, near the Pontaumur. But to get to the campsite had to climb a steep hill up and down. The brakes and the engine overheated, but still in good working position.
Daily mileage: 592km

July 4.
7:00 (+14`C) Between the mountains bathed by the first rays of the sun.
7:50 (+15`C) We go on the road.
14:00 (+40`C) We arrive at acquaintances, wherever it remained overnight. Outside, there is abnormal heat, light refreshment is to bathe in the pool.
23:00 (+25`C) Overnight in the open without a tent, sleeping bags only.

July 5.
8:00 (+20`C) Sleeping under the stars was very calming. But around 4:00 which was felt in the morning dew.
15:00 (+27`C) We arrive in Pau, close to the city find a three-star camping “Terrier”. Very dry land and senses are no longer those that are located in France, but in Spain, because a lot of Spanish settled here.
Daily mileage: 544km

July 8.
8:30 (+18`C) It is rainy day, so that all were wet to the bone. We look at the previous day’s local neighborhood.
10:00 Drove to Tarbes, is still raining. City quite large, but more on the industrial side.
18:00 Going back to the campground, the clouds had disappeared. We went to the secondary store things where people voluntarily takes all kinds of things and they give away for free in order to sell them later in shop. There may even find a castle worthy furniture for relatively cheap money.

July 9.
9.00 (+17`C) Still overcast, late evening for a long time had heard the sound of helicopters and airplanes, had peculiar feelings.
11:00 (+24`C) We droved to Biarritz. City linking several eras of architecture styles. I can mention that this is also a border town with Spain, so here is a large cultural mixing. The city is surrounded by sea, rushing over the rocky shore.
Daily mileage: 271km

July 11.
9:00 (+19`C) Raining. Going to a new campsite at the Navarrenx three-star camping “Beau Rivage”. Camping maintains friendly Englishmen, as well as most of the existing camping guests English people. Camping pretty expensive, but providing good service (WiFi, good sanitary facilities, playground, swimming pool).

July 12.
9:00 (+19`C) Today we have set route Navarrenx – Mauleon Licharre – Licq-Atherey – Arette le Pierre – St.Martin – Aramits – Navarrenx.
15:00 (+31`C) We have a mountain top, and have dinner. Here it is sunny, but the foothills were rainy and only + 15`C. Coming in the clouds, it was reached in 941 meters mark, there was no hope that we shall see the sun. Continuing the way up the mountain happened to meet the cows that we were surprised by the thick cloud. Later, reaching above the clouds, the view was amazing – the view of the sea, white and fluffy. Observations were also a lot of trailers, they were the hottest cycling race “Tour de France” fans who have taken the best places at one of the stages.
Daily mileage: 249km

July 13.
9:00 (+16`C) Cloudy.
19:00 When driving in the mountains, the sky appears blue. We went to the Artouste mountain train. The path is not particularly dangerous, but requires your attention because winding road is tricky. Asking Price: 1.5 hours paid 25EUR, but can also take a day ticket, which allows you to go down only with the last train that departs from destination 19:00.
Initially up to ride a lift, which offers fantastic views of the Artouste. Then, to transfer the old mountain train, with which drive you can enjoy fabulous, but the harsh, rocky nature. Upon reaching the end point, visitors expect a small dam with a clear mountain water. There was heat, allowed the water was cool enough to cool off a little.
Daily mileage: 162km

July 14.
9:00 (+14`C) Clear weather.
Around 12:00, I went to Navarrenx center to take a good place to catch the “Tour de France” cyclists. Until the arrival of the convoy noticed one family who had taken time to pick up folding table on which was served crystal bowls. Arriving at the convoy, all surrounding started to rustle. From passing car occupants were thrown wide variety of miracles ranging from newspapers, magnets and even hats and pastries. View was beyond imagination, people fought like crazy after throw out benefits. Most people got lost when he left the caravan. It took time and the appearance of the first riders, all loudly supported and encouraged riders.

July 15.
9:00 (+ 18`C) This morning was noticeable that the camping very quickly becomes emptier. Today’s route Navarrenx – Suveterre – de Bearn – Salies de Bearn – Peyrehorade – Navarrenx.
Daily mileage: 106km

July 16.
8:30 (+20`C) In the morning there was a slight mist which quickly dispersed.
16:00 We went to Mugron, where we saw albino animal garden – chickens, goats, horses, deer, llamas and kangaroos. Price for adults only 6 EUR.
Daily mileage: 130km

July 19.
We went to the ocean, walking along the coast.Had the opportunity to walk through the 45-degree sloped rock shore. The day was very hot, although in the morning the weather was a lot different – rainy and gray.

12:00 (+13`C) Sunny, located in the mountain ski village. Walking through the narrow streets, it was able to notice that all the goods the price is without VAT. Many grocery store display cases are handled with alcohol and cigarette blocks.
14:00 (+31`C) We drive into the mountain valley in which are the city of Andorra. The city is the grace with many shops, which all sold without added value. Later, entering Spain, were able to observe long lines of cars traveling to Andorra.
In the evening, after long searches, was found in the camping “Bona Vista”, located in the mountain near Barcelona. Tent assigned a hilltop, the road led to about a 30 degree angle, or even steeper. I decided to drive up to the car, but the awkward moment when the car was stopped steep hill – large mistake. While at the camp ground’s ability to come by car, managed to whiff clutch and punctured tires.
Another may be mentioned that the new Garmin several times the opportunity to bring in off-road. After the navigation, I can only say that TomTom has a slightly better indicator of the way.

July 30.
The last day of trip which is spent in the majority of the Barcelona airport. Yesterday just managed to see the same Barcelona. But the biggest surprise took place directly at the airport. While waiting for 5-6 hours at my airplane flight, I got a surprisingly unpleasant message. Presenting the ticket check-in, I announce that it is to wait until the plane picked up all the passengers, because this is preferred. Miraculously’m not the only passenger, experiencing the same situation in another 5 people. Until the departure of the flight time remaining 10 minutes, 3 lucky people in the family who are denied boarding. In turn, we are looking for the remaining alternative routes to get to our destination. It takes several hours, there are several options for the beginning fly through Antalya, via Amsterdam. Information center of the efforts of a very helpful staff and gets us tickets through Germany, but being up registration – we are wrongly rejected. It takes more time, finally I get to find alternative flight through Helsinki 23:30 and to Riga 5:00, while for two people find the flight via Amsterdam. Flight even sleep did not come from the unexpected outcome of the day.
One can mention the fact that your airline unexpected surprises you, then certainly read through the airline passenger rights.
Overall, this trip was much more discriminative than previous ones. This trip was also gained more experience how to deal with life situations.

Journey`s soundtracks are available in youtube.

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