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Hello my friends!

This summer has gone by very fast with a wealth of adventures and also tour. And this article will be right on this summer’s tour, which also has a new name “MRT Discover Ourselves” – Madaras and Reiņa trip: Discover Ourselves.

To fell our trip feelings, here is the list of songs which we heard in trip time.

August 9
Is my birthday and my girlfriend’s name day. We quickly caught up in the airport by public transport and waiting for the big gift – a trip. Weather in Riga sunny +20 degrees. The road to Barcelona runs 3.40 hours. By flying below the planes left white blanket of clouds. Landing down on the one hand could watch the Mediterranean Sea, on the other Barcelona.
Barcelona is +28 degrees, sunny. We arrived in 2nd terminal. When going through the huge terminals could compare it to the small airport of Riga. We were greeted by a happy trio – mom, sister and Džemis. As the first surprise they give us a refreshing dip in the warm Mediterranean Sea. The beach was not far from the airport. Then it followed about 5h long road to the southwestern French region Aquitaine,more precisely the city Geronce. The sun was setting, while we were already in the Pyrenees mountains, sun gave us unforgettable emotions and beautiful views – sunset mountain valley. It was hard to perpetuate, but what we saw was simply fantastic. The sun was setting we had reached the Spanish border town Jaca where time became colder and the wind increased in force. But it did not stop the local people to go outside, dine town nightly street restaurants. In the center sounded Spanish classical guitar songs. We are driving through the mountains in France we were met by customs control and rain. We reach home around midnight.

August 10
After a good sleep, we have a delicious breakfast French style. Later we go to the city of Oloron Sainte-Marie, where a little stroll through the center. Then we go see Pau. It is midday, the air warm up to +26 degrees, which is a very pleasant time to walk through the city center. 14:00 we wait for “Emmaus” opening, where first people starts to run as the gates opens (it happens in every market opening time). In this place you can see the true value of goods.

August 11
Morning begins 6:15, the sun has not yet risen. 7:10 leave for Bordeaux, outside is +10C, very cold, the sun start to jump, the day that we spent together. When driving on mountainous roads, the sun illuminates the fabulous mountains. When we get behind the Pau, the landscape becomes plain. 11:10 +28C. We drive through Bordeaux , reached IKEA, where we had Scandinavian lunch. Then we go to Bordeaux center, car manages to put at water mirror, then continue viewing along the main pedestrian streets of the center, where we look at a wide range of shops. People very much. After one and a half hour long walk, we decide to go to Arcachon. We decide to relax at “Dune du Pilat” sand dunes, which are much bigger than the pictures appeared. But it was very interesting that the same beach to the water is rocky to sandy dunes. In an effort to pour fuel we need to pay with the card in fuel stations, we have MasterCard but they only acepts Visa.Why we look for the cheapest? For example, 95 petrol – the cheapest is around 1.24 euro per liter, the most expensive even exceeded 1:40 Eur / l. Since the first station was unsuccessful, we try to find another place, but while waiting in line at the next station, one man creates a loud scandal with another man, both exit from the car and exchange with French phrases, as well as the other one was trying to teach a lesson. Then we successfully got the fuel, ate Oreo ice cream and go to Biscarrosse, where we expect the sunset by the ocean. The weather is cold and blowing wind. Going home, we drove through Dax, in which was an event with carousels, all the people were dressed in white with red ribbons. We were very tired, was more interested in quickly to rest and gain strength for the next day than to go into the unknown.

August 12
Today we sleep until 10:00. We have breakfast quietly and then we go to Biarritz, located in the Bay of Biscay coast. Along the way we go to IKEA, which was different exposure than Bordeaux. Then we went to the center, walked the narrow streets, which were “cheap” shops and walks along the ocean coastline. Simply crowded beach, but the water is ice cold. Later we go to the rocky coast where had lunch and quietly take a rest on the rocky beach. Coming home, eating at the fresh corn, which is picked from the field.

August 13
Morning begins 6:15, bazaar day. 7:10 We are ready to go to Molerounu, outdoors + 14C. Shortly before 8:00 we are already there, helping mom and sister to set up. Atmosphere very friendly, everyone greets each other. Later, when the bazaar started a real bustle, merchants are very lively and talkative. Then sister take us to the small tour around the city, at the beginning of behavioral to the castle, located atop a hill. And then through the city center along the river. Bakery bought also very delicious croissants and bread. Before 13 all are already beginning to be going away, the air already warms up to 36 degrees. It is unbearably hot, it is the thought of swim, but I’m very ill and the end we stay home.

August 14
We have breakfast, today we have plan walk through the mountains, the goal – to reach Gentau lake. Depart around 10:00, the time already warms up to + 26C. Being to turn on the parking lot, there wasn’t no space on parking lot. Then we decide to walk along the paved road up the hill. Reaching the parking lot, we conclude that we have to go more 3.5 km to the lake. But felt a lot of energy already lost. Withholding lunch, decide to continue their journey. Going up, we meet wild cows and horses grazing in the meadow fabulous. Climbing ever steeper hill withhold pause. Gone about half the distance, we take a rest mountain meadow where a small hut men sings a French song. After that rest, understand that the forces are not many left, are gone already 3,5h, decide to go back. Being up to the car, we find a sign that says that the road to the park is 4km, so went along some 11km up hill and down 5h, which is very fast. But we understand that we will come back and beat it. In the evening, tasting grilled hare and duck.

August 15
The day starts early 7:00, the air is already warms up to + 20C. We are planning to look for Pyrenean western and middle parts. We arrive in a small hamlet Nay, which is a very typical French architecture and is well maintained. Then we go to the mountains in Argelès-Gazost, we had lunch along the way, stopping at a beautiful place with a beautiful view of the mountains. The route becomes even steeper and runs along one of the highest peaks of the Pyrenees “Pic du Midi de Bigorre”, the road is located on the Tourmalet peaks, which is 2,115 meters high. Here is noticeably colder and windier, it is 16C and rain. There is also a very large number of tourists, because this place is closest to the high peaks of which can be measured in the way on foot. But a little further have the opportunity to ride the cable car, but a ticket for one adult paid 38EUR. We come on Aspin peaks, which offers fantastic views. A little rain, the landscape is divided in half, one side where the sun is shining, the second is a thunderstorm. Another incredibly beautiful view, we saw in our trip. Then comes the day the final goal – Lake “Cap de Long.” To get to the goal, the last 4 km to proceed along a narrow mountain road where you have strong nerves and adrenaline lovers. Being up to the lake, followed by yet another fantastic view which is really hard to describe, view of the lake – clean blue water, the mountains still a protruding snow, the lake is flooded with the help of a dam. Turning to the other side, you can observe the mountain valley, through which had to go up. Fabulously.

Below you can also see the route in which saw the impressions.

August 16
This day is intended for shops. Day warm up to + 33C. After-hot day at Pau,we go to Navarrenx where we swim pleasantly warm and clear river. When we get home, we conclude that the hot weather did a good job with the purchased chocolate.

August 17
We wake up before 8:00 today will be 5 long road back to Barcelona. We depart around 10:00 what is overcast and gray mountains is cover up with thick clouds. Driving through the mountain we enter Spain, where weather is opposite – sunny and warm. We stopped at one small greenish-blue lake where slightly stretch the legs. Noon arrived at the gas station, there decide to order a meal, but only to meet us can answer – is in Spanish. The way out of the situation, seeing how a man eating pasta, pointing to it. Then ordered pasta eating, they taste very distinctive because they are mixed together with unknown origin in fish and other seafood. Around 17:00 we find camping “Estrellas”, which is close to the airport. Already getting out of the car, we realize that there will be something new, as above camping rises planes. Sea water is warmer than the air, there are large waves. An hour we take a rest, to later go to Barcelona.In Barcelona we want to look at Guell gardens, but it is very difficult to find parking. We Realize, too, that the garden is attending on a schedule where you have to register online, or queue without knowing or will be inside. Garden View absent, decides to go to the city center. We walked all Catalonia Avenue (Rambla de Catalunya), as well as visited the remarkable monument to Columbus.

August 18
In the morning is very warm, we go to the middle of the sea, to a little more breathing space before the flight and discuss travel experiences. Both feel a little ill from the warm weather. Time flew quickly at the airport, but at the boarding gate, we encountered with the thrill of adventure. Providing tickets for the control, they were rejected. The first thought – it will be similar to last year (Barcelona, at chek-in I was not admitted to the airplane due to overbooking). But a moment later, our tickets are replace to the others and tells us: “There will be something better.” Do not understand, boarding a plane, we start to look for the place – turns out to business class. The flight went very peacefully.
Overall, the trip was spent very well, even though at the beginning it seemed that in the trip we will have a rest – it just was not planned in the timetable was very compact and well-planned. It was interesting to watch each other in a strange environment where few people understand your language. Although the journey was passed a little ill, it did not prevent to enjoy it fully. Great joy and gratitude to my mother and sister for the reception and accommodation, we felt just great.

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