Powerboats in Aluksne

“Greetings, everyone! This time I went to unseen measure – powerboats competitions in Aluksne. The opening ceremony took place on Saturday at 10.00, I woke very early in the morning. When I went to the Aluksne, on the road, we were expected by heavy rain and driving on the Pskov`s highway was bad, because there were no possibilities to avoid from huge puddles. But on the road to the Aluksne, rain was gone – dry as the desert. The measure was very exciting, there was a friendly atmosphere. The beauty and diversity surprised me. At the beginning of the first practice, could saw that among drivers began race, where each other drivers provoked to go faster. Below you can see the most vivid moments from the first day races, but all the pictures from first day you can see in Google Plus album.

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